January 29, 2017. by Ashleigh Coffelt

Man, it's been a while. 

Since the last blog post, we've wrapped production on this little feature film, "Secrets That We Keep." That in itself should be a movie, haha. We've also filmed "Results May Vary" for the 29 Days Later Festival in August in the middle of production. In December, we filmed two shorts, "Exclusive Excuses," and "Terms and Conditions May Apply."

And on January 19, 2017, we FINALLY arrived back home in North Hollywood, California for good. (And did we mention we are filming a short this week with our friends out here?!) 

Life has been crazy stressful and crazy blessed. Some moments, we want to give up everything and the next, we are filled with so much inspiration and wonder, we just want to get out there and film everything we possibly can. It's 11:43pm PST which makes it 2:43am EST. Tomorrow, Monday, we launch our 2017 Showreel. About twenty minutes ago, Court and I just watched all the show reels we put together from the beginning of our careers together and can I just tell you, 2013 seems like worlds ago. And those showreels don't even have every project that we've worked on! Insanity. 

I know that this year holds something crazy wonderful for us, and getting to California is just the beginning of magnificent and wonderful things to come. We are starting a revolution, we are instigating change, we are pushing ourselves past our comfort zone. We are telling stories. We are doing it, that thing of living the dream. Because this thing is too powerful to be kept to a dream, its poured out int reality, and it feels pretty damn great.

Huge thanks to all of our friends and families, casts and crews along the way to help mold us and shape us into who are today. We won't let you down. :)

- A  

by Ashleigh Coffelt

Hello my lovelies!

I said in my last post that I would keep you updated with what's going on. Right now our focus is to get funding but also locking locations and getting our cast ready. We recently had our first cast read also! That was super exciting and it was really cool to have everyone together going through the whole script. We have another one tomorrow and I'm definitely looking forward to that. Even with all of the positive things it has been one heck of a journey so far but we have never lost hope. As you all know, we are always working on more than one thing. Ashleigh is currently working on her next feature film script, "Mestiza". I'm just going to say, I've heard the outline....and it's pretty bomb. So definitely keep an eye out for that. This girl is unstoppable. I just work behind the scenes or whatever :P.

Does anyone even read this blog? 

So no matter what, no matter the struggle, keep in mind that everything is in Gods hands. Everything will be okay. Keep dreaming, and keep achieving. If nothing else sticks remember this: "Everything you're going through now is preparing you for what you asked for." 


Find your passion, never let it go.


XOXO Miss Ash Productions

Just Because We Cannes by Ashleigh Coffelt

So I realized that I haven't posted anything in a while. Then I realized that was because we haven't made a short film in a while. Although while we were in France, yes that happened, we made a short film called I For I. We were there with the Creative Mind Group who assigned us to a team and we made a short film within the two weeks that we were there. Not only did we make a short, we also made a documentary our of entire trip. If you wish to watch either, they are both posted here for your viewing pleasure. Now, I could go on and on about all the details of this trip, but we are more private than that. ;) So I guess you will just have to take my word for it when I say that this was on heck of an experience. While we were there we also took two awards home for I For I!!! Ashleigh took home her first director award and I took home my third best performance award! Needless to say the night was filled with lots of tequila and awesomely awful karaoke. We definitely learned a lot on that trip.

On to more important news! We are currently gearing up for our feature film Secrets That We Keep! That is pretty much what we have been working on since we got back from France. We are also lucky enough to have the best cast and crew andyone could ask for. They work so hard and we would like to be able to feed them at least a little bit :P. We are hoping to raise $20,000 from our indiegogo campain that we launched today and $20,000 elsewhere. Whatever happens, it's in Gods hands. I will do my best to keep everyone updated! Also make sure to check out the Miss Ash Facebook page to hear awesome words of wisdom from the lovely Ashleigh Coffelt. And as always, find your passion, never let it go.



XOXO Miss Ash Productions

(tempest) by Ashleigh Coffelt

Hello all! We're coming at you with another post which means, there was a short that was finished. Ashleigh and I were on our way back from Philadelphia after seeing the incredible band, Daughter. They recently released an album called "Not To Disappear" which is absolutely amazing. Needless to say, that has been the soundtrack to our lives for the past week. On our way back from Philly, it was snowing. Odd considering how "warm" it was outside. But, Ashleigh has always had this shot in her head where everything is covered in snow and the ground isn't. We were blessed with that exact scenario. We didn't get home until about 2 a.m and questioned whether we should even film, but...we know ourselves. If we didn't film we'd regret it. Thank goodness we did. By the next morning, all of the snow was gone.

I'm more than thankful Ashleigh is willing to venture into crazy weather and crazy circumstances with me. As I sit here and type this, I am sneezing and super congested. That may be because of the cold that's going around, but lets just say it was all for the sake of the arts ;). Once again, Ashleigh killed it with cinematography, composing, directing, and editing. But, that's no surprise. I am very excited for this short to drop so please keep an eye out for it! As always, keep living your dream. It's only as far away as you make it.

XOXO Miss Ash Productions

What Is This? by Ashleigh Coffelt

This just so happens to be the 55th project that I have been a part of with Miss Ash Productions! We were finally able to film a short that was written two years ago while we were in California. It's crazy how some concepts still stay relevant. As always there were a few snags along the way but we passed with flying colors. We have such committed people to making this dream happen and we couldn't ask for better support. No matter what the issue is at the time, the end story being a success is what we strive for.

 As this short came to a close, it just so happened to be OSCAR DAY! Congratulations to all of the films and actors/actresses that won this year. Brie Larson, you deserved it. :) Lets keep pushing for diversity behind and in front of the camera. We think Hollywood could use a little more minority filmmakers. That's all for now until the next short! I'm sure that won't be too far away. ;) Keep making your dreams happen every day. It will all be worth it. 

XOXO Miss Ash Productions

Alone With You/Trust Issues by Ashleigh Coffelt

Hi Everyone!

This past weekend has been a HUGE leap for Miss Ash Productions. We were lucky enough to be able to film 3 shorts! It has been so rewarding having all of these people wanting to be involved in projects. One of our actors came down from New York and before the big day, we decided to do some test footage which turned into an impromptu short. It is called < = > and can be viewed right here: https://vimeo.com/153589587 At first it was supposed to be funny and then turned into something serious. I guess that's how all of the projects turn out but we spent more time on it than we had originally planned. 

When we finally got into production, we had a short that was all done in one shot. Everyone was super receptive of direction and we were able to shoot the whole thing in 9 takes. There were a few struggles going from outside to inside but all in all everyone was very helpful in troubleshooting. We couldn't be happier with how the short turned out. The next short was a music video to Alone With You by Daughter. The song is already amazing but it was so much fun to put our visuals to such great lyrics. We think that is easily some of the best footage that we have. All in all this weekend was an absolute success. Minus the wrap up photo that didn't happen (oops). So for now, you'll just have to take our word for it that it was a very successful weekend. The new projects that come from Miss Ash will be just as exciting! Stay tuned for what is up next!


XOXO Miss Ash Productions