What Is This? / by Ashleigh Coffelt

This just so happens to be the 55th project that I have been a part of with Miss Ash Productions! We were finally able to film a short that was written two years ago while we were in California. It's crazy how some concepts still stay relevant. As always there were a few snags along the way but we passed with flying colors. We have such committed people to making this dream happen and we couldn't ask for better support. No matter what the issue is at the time, the end story being a success is what we strive for.

 As this short came to a close, it just so happened to be OSCAR DAY! Congratulations to all of the films and actors/actresses that won this year. Brie Larson, you deserved it. :) Lets keep pushing for diversity behind and in front of the camera. We think Hollywood could use a little more minority filmmakers. That's all for now until the next short! I'm sure that won't be too far away. ;) Keep making your dreams happen every day. It will all be worth it. 

XOXO Miss Ash Productions