/ by Ashleigh Coffelt

Hello my lovelies!

I said in my last post that I would keep you updated with what's going on. Right now our focus is to get funding but also locking locations and getting our cast ready. We recently had our first cast read also! That was super exciting and it was really cool to have everyone together going through the whole script. We have another one tomorrow and I'm definitely looking forward to that. Even with all of the positive things it has been one heck of a journey so far but we have never lost hope. As you all know, we are always working on more than one thing. Ashleigh is currently working on her next feature film script, "Mestiza". I'm just going to say, I've heard the outline....and it's pretty bomb. So definitely keep an eye out for that. This girl is unstoppable. I just work behind the scenes or whatever :P.

Does anyone even read this blog? 

So no matter what, no matter the struggle, keep in mind that everything is in Gods hands. Everything will be okay. Keep dreaming, and keep achieving. If nothing else sticks remember this: "Everything you're going through now is preparing you for what you asked for." 


Find your passion, never let it go.


XOXO Miss Ash Productions