January 29, 2017. / by Ashleigh Coffelt

Man, it's been a while. 

Since the last blog post, we've wrapped production on this little feature film, "Secrets That We Keep." That in itself should be a movie, haha. We've also filmed "Results May Vary" for the 29 Days Later Festival in August in the middle of production. In December, we filmed two shorts, "Exclusive Excuses," and "Terms and Conditions May Apply."

And on January 19, 2017, we FINALLY arrived back home in North Hollywood, California for good. (And did we mention we are filming a short this week with our friends out here?!) 

Life has been crazy stressful and crazy blessed. Some moments, we want to give up everything and the next, we are filled with so much inspiration and wonder, we just want to get out there and film everything we possibly can. It's 11:43pm PST which makes it 2:43am EST. Tomorrow, Monday, we launch our 2017 Showreel. About twenty minutes ago, Court and I just watched all the show reels we put together from the beginning of our careers together and can I just tell you, 2013 seems like worlds ago. And those showreels don't even have every project that we've worked on! Insanity. 

I know that this year holds something crazy wonderful for us, and getting to California is just the beginning of magnificent and wonderful things to come. We are starting a revolution, we are instigating change, we are pushing ourselves past our comfort zone. We are telling stories. We are doing it, that thing of living the dream. Because this thing is too powerful to be kept to a dream, its poured out int reality, and it feels pretty damn great.

Huge thanks to all of our friends and families, casts and crews along the way to help mold us and shape us into who are today. We won't let you down. :)

- A