A first of it’s kind, interactive choose your own adventure narrative episodic.

Intimately exploring the world of viewing and streaming, specifically designed for Twitch.


Unhappy with his corporate business job, Isaac Hansen, desperately searches for an escape. Browsing the internet, he stumbles upon Overview, a live streaming platform and creates a personality. Through his unlikely ride to popularity, he meets Adrienne, a long time Overview personality, who takes him under her wing as he struggles with maintaining balance between his virtual and real worlds. 

Our first season plan consists of 12 30-45 minute episodes. Each episode will feature three "decision points” the viewers on stream will be involved with “choosing” the direction of the narrative between two options. After each episode, the two main actors & director will be on stream to host an after show.

Season 1 serves as an introduction to our main character, Isaac. As we delve deeper into his world, the viewer experiences the newness of streaming and streaming culture from the perspective of a streamer.

Season 2 aims to offer an immersive VR experience for both viewers and streamers. Further exploring Adrienne, she is limited by her disabilities. After she is offered to be one of ten featured VR test streamers on Overview, she quickly loses herself to the endless possibilities in a world unavailable to her in the real world. Mental illness is a main theme to be particularly explored in this season.


Chances are unless you are a streamer or viewer on “Twitch,” you’ve only heard the name in passing. Most people hear “Twitch” and presume its “the gaming platform.” Those people, who happen to be mass majority of consumers, couldn’t be further from the truth. “Twitch,” a live streaming video platform, has categories in anything and everything you can think of - from gaming, fitness, music, cooking, even just talking. The top streamers on Twitch manage to bring in 6 figure salaries on a monthly basis. Anyone can tune in and watch. But just what is the appeal of Twitch?

Reality television was the first push towards exploring human interaction and behavior intimately in front of everyone. Through the advent of “This American Life,” we’ve gone from shows like “Real World” and “Survivor,” to match matching, contest based and talent based unscripted television with whole networks dedicated to airing content 24/7. Face it, as a culture; we’re obsessed with watching each other. 

What makes Random Access Memories so crucial to this time and era is the quick progression to streaming. Looking around you, we’ve moved past the continual documentation of daily life through photos in albums to streaming virtually anything and everything. With Instagram & Facebook live streams growing in popularity, we for-see the next cultural jump to “Twitch” where streamers can directly interact with viewers. There is no shortage of viewers willing to consume content. 

Our viewers will be able to interact with directly and alter the storylines during the streams. This live interaction & after show pushes viewers to show up when the video airs in real time, creating the missing element television has lost with features such as VOD. Additionally, with the needs of production, we can have other “Twitch” streamers participate in cameo acting roles, artists and musicians to promote each other and the series.

As streamers, Random Access Memories allows us the opportunity to shine a light on the community of both streamers and viewers. There are numerous nuances to both streamer and viewer culture on Twitch. This series will address elements of mental illness, addiction, balance and isolation that are rampant in streaming culture. Along with the popularity and fanfare of streamer and viewer life, as a cautionary tale, we hope to portray how it can be an isolated & competitive world if you attempt to do this alone. We want to help streamers and viewers see potentially toxic behaviors they can avoid. 

This series has great potential to change the perspective of many people about live streaming and specifically, “Twitch.” What better way to highlight the future of technology - a 24/7 live streaming interface - by incorporating original content for the Twitch community from the Twitch community. 

Ashleigh Coffelt


Isaac Hansen

A man in his late twenties who has it all together, at least outwardly. He put in the work to grind up the corporate ladder early and now, lives out his mundane life day to day making more than enough money than he needs. He prefers coming home to takeout and Netflix to happy hours and dates. He’s unaware of his own discontent until it smacks him in the face. Although he’s an attractive guy, he’s an introvert and over thinker who doesn’t speak up for himself.

Bob (Lost in Translation) Character / Personality reference

Bob (Lost in Translation) Character / Personality reference

Harold (Stranger Than Fiction), Personality, Character reference

Harold (Stranger Than Fiction), Personality, Character reference

Theodore (Her), Character, Personality reference

Theodore (Her), Character, Personality reference

Adrienne Sullivan

A woman in her mid twenties, her go getter spirit has always allowed her to accomplish her goals. Despite an injury that left her in a wheelchair, Adrienne’s positivity is what attracts people to her. As a sponsored streamer on Overwatch, she doesn’t openly disclose to her fans that she’s in a wheelchair. Strong willed and independent, Adrienne demands respect from everyone around her to cover her own shame. Triumphantly preaches self love but allows fear to command most of her personal decisions.

Olivia Pope (Scandal) Character /Personality reference

Olivia Pope (Scandal) Character /Personality reference

Rachel (Me Earl And The Dying Girl) Character/ Personality reference

Rachel (Me Earl And The Dying Girl) Character/ Personality reference

Grace (I Think We’re Alone Now) Character / Personality reference

Grace (I Think We’re Alone Now) Character / Personality reference


The themes to be identified are immersion & isolation.

Immersion & Addiction

With so many social media platforms, we’ve only created deeper levels of comparison and jealousy. It’s never been easier to search hashtags and photos to see others living the life we wish we could. This comparison lumped with the constant search of purpose is a place so many people remain stuck. As a streamer, there is always a constant drive to get better numbers, have a better equipment, setup and viewers than your fellow streamers. As a viewer, you feel the stress of which streamers to support, wanting them to succeed and how much money to give them . An observation made from being in the streaming community is the true amount of addiction and lack of balance that exists in these realms. The push and pull relationship is tireless and relentless, as the more streamers offer, the more viewers come to expect. For some, this streaming interface has become their life. It has replaced all forms of entertainment and interaction.

At first, this exciting new world draws Isaac in, allowing him an escape from his life and his problems. However, the deeper Isaac gets into this world, the further Adrienne has to work to pull him out of it.


As we live in such a connected society with more information and resources than ever before, we’ve never been as disconnected to one another. With everything available at the click of a mouse, we’ve decreased our need for human interaction without eliminating our need for love and belonging. With a streaming platform such as “Overview,” it can be easy to become too invested in your stream life and forget to socialize in real life. Isolation is an important aspect of this series, as we focus on the moments before and after the stream.

While Isaac doesn’t begin a very social person, his social interactions while using the platform become even more scarce.


As a dramatic narrative episodic, Our tone is a blend of psychological shows such as Mr. Robot & Black Mirror with the feel of the gaming integration of narratives such as Kiss Me First & Ready Player One. Think 80s aesthetic meets modern day technology. The focus for us lies in the practical use of lighting, both to illuminate streamers presenting themselves in but also as the light shines, hiding everything but the item in focus. We hope to blend the cinéma vérité with static cinematography to focus on each moment.

Isaac is very polished and astute, but a bit of a loner. Adrienne waits for no one.

To show this world of strict rules and deliberateness, the cinematography will be sharp and purposeful. Cinematography will focus on wide shots and extreme close ups to demonstrate the isolation. Very stable shots, limited handheld. The cuts will lingering a bit longer than the audience is used to, as this is a choose your own adventure.


Our two main characters will be portrayed by Twitch personalities Courtney Birk & Chris Zash.


Adrienne Sullivan to be portrayed by Courtney Birk

Having grown up with a love for the camera, Courtney Birk aka CA_in_LA spent most of her childhood summers making movies with her friends. Since 2013, she has not only starred in but contributed to the production of over 90 short films that have gone onto international and national film festivals, winning awards such as Best Actress and Grand Jury Awards. Courtney strives to tell meaningful stories with strong female characters, shining a light on unconventional and controversial social topics that start necessary dialogue. With three acting awards under her belt, Courtney is proud to be a part of this team. She hopes to not only grow as an actress, but as a huge part of production to help make the visions of Miss Ash Productions come alive. Find her at for live acoustic music & film screenings.


Issac Hansen to be portrayed by Chris Zash

Christopher Zash aka CoffeeClub_TV is a Los Angeles SAG-AFTRA actor and voice artist known for his roles in several award winning independent films as well as the Emmy nominated series "Casual". Born and raised in Baltimore MD, he earned his BFA in Acting from Towson University. He then set his sights on television and film, aiming his gaze towards the opposite coast. As a self proclaimed beer connoisseur and sci-fi geek, Zash wields a fiery passion for storytelling rivaled only by his desire to become a Jedi Knight. Creative explorations and his love for Blizzard games lead him to the Twitch platform and his streaming persona Darth Coffee. Find him at for a story driven, special effect heavy, green screen adventure filled with goofy characters, silly dances and laughs. 


writer.director Ashleigh Coffelt

Ashleigh Coffelt aka CA_in_LA is an award winning Filipino American director based in Los Angeles. Over the last few years, Ashleigh has written, directed, filmed and edited over 90 short films, 18 of which have screened at film festivals both internationally and nationally. 

In addition to being a Sundance Screenwriter's Lab Semi-Finalist, she has been awarded numerous awards including “I For I” (director, cinematographer), winner of Best Director at Festival de Cannes with Creative Mind Group, “5ive” (writer, director, cinematographer, editor), winner of the Grand Jury Award at the Adrenaline Film Festival and RAW:Baltimore Filmmaker of the Year. 

Coffelt is an Act One Fellow and proud member of FilAm Creative. She holds a BS in Psychology and Electronic Media and Film from Towson University. She focuses on creating projects that empower women and help change media portrayals of women and minorities. Random Access Memories will be her first project merging her love of gaming and film. Find her at for live acoustic music & film screenings.

visual reference.jpg

Random Access Memories will be highly influenced by the look of shows like Black Mirror, Maniac, Mr. Robot and Legion, as well as the films Equals, Stranger Than Fiction and Her.

Blending on an 80’s aesthetic with the story unraveling in modern time. 

Black Mirror , Isolation Visual Aesthetic

Black Mirror, Isolation Visual Aesthetic

Legion , 80s Aesthetic

Legion, 80s Aesthetic

Legion , 80s Aesthetic

Legion, 80s Aesthetic

Her , Visual reference

Her, Visual reference

Equals , Isolation Visual Aesthetic

Equals, Isolation Visual Aesthetic

Mr. Robot , Visual Reference

Mr. Robot, Visual Reference

Mr. Robot , Visual Reference

Mr. Robot, Visual Reference


The score will be based on percussion and light synthesizers to embody the themes of immersion, isolation & identity. Ideally, this score would be developed by Twitch streamers in the Music & Performing Arts channel. Below are references for sample scores.

Sometimes Why , Composer : Square Peg Round Hole (synthesizer, percussion)

Entire History of You (Black Mirror) , Composer : Stuart Earl (piano, synthesizer, heavy reverb)

Colors in Motion (Gleason Soundtrack) , Composer: Dan Romer (piano, synthesizer, heavy reverb)

Message To All Of Us (Jim Soundtrack) , Composer: Dan Romer (piano, synthesizer)