Secrets That We Keep


Secrets That We Keep is a psychological thriller about five friends whose relationships are tested after a secluded getaway turns fatal.

This film shows the struggles of finding yourself and navigating through a world of jealousy and insecurity. Each character is battling some sort of identity crisis, allowing doubt to overcome them. As they fall deeper and deeper into a world built on secrets and lies, this film shows the danger of not confronting your feelings before it is too late. 


As a Filipino-American female filmmaker, lack of diversity and strong female leads in Hollywood has been an issue that is very close to my heart. With the industry push to finally even the playing field for women and minorities, there has never been a better time for "Secrets That We Keep." 

According to the Center for the Study of Women in Television & Film, " role, women accounted for 27% of producers, 21% of executive producers, 18% of editors, 13% of writers, 13% of directors, and 9% of cinematographers. Films with women directors employed substantially higher percentages of women in other key behind-the-scenes roles than films with exclusively male directors."

And if those statistics weren't enough, In 2014, women comprised 13% of directors on the top 700 films, but just 7% on the top 250 films. 7% of the top 250 films. 

What makes this film different is our crew is predominately female and by predominately, our writer, director, assistant director, cinematographer, editors, producers, costume designer, composer, and post audio supervisor are all WOMEN

We have an extremely talented and diverse group of artists bringing this story to life and we need YOUR HELP to continue redefining the landscape of independent cinema. It's only through your support we can tell stories with strong female protagonists lead by a group of very talented females behind the camera. Give us a chance to be heard!  

CREW (20).jpg

ashleigh coffelt writer. director. actress. executive producer (also portraying emily jacobson) 

In her senior semester of college, Baltimore filmmaker Ashleigh Coffelt decided not to follow through with her life plan of becoming a psychologist. Something far more intriguing caught her eye, and from there, she never looked back. Filmmaking combined her love of writing, making stories come to life and music.

After film school, she established Miss Ash Productions and dedicated all her efforts to working on films. Over the last few years, Ashleigh has created over 50 short films that have screened at film festivals both internationally and nationally. Additionally, she has been awarded numerous awards including Best Director, Best Cinematography, and RAW:Baltimore Filmmaker of the Year.

As a proud Filipino American Director, Ashleigh enjoys creating projects that empower women and help change media portrayals of women and minorities. She’s currently working on several projects, including a psychological thriller. She lives by the motto, "Find your passion, never let go."

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derek james robinson director of photography

Derek James Robinson is a Los Angeles based cinematographer. After eight years of traveling in the Navy and living in Sicily for three, he moved to Chicago to finish a BFA in Film Studies through Columbia College. After working for a year in the Midwest, he moved to LA to attend The American Film Institute Conservatory program as one of 28 selected Cinematography Fellows. His work after AFI has taken him from Northern India to the streets of Zurich and coast to coast here in the states. Derek looks to his collaborators for inspiration, never assumes he has all the answers and keeps his eyes sharp between shoots with 35mm film photography -mostly pictures of his two year old son. (17).jpg

stephanie economou - composer

Stephanie Economou is a composer and violinist based in Los Angeles, CA. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Composition from the New England Conservatory of Music and a Master’s in Composition for Visual Media from UCLA. Stephanie has explored and studied a myriad of musical styles, including classical, electronic, contemporary, jazz, rock and folk which have allowed her to harness and craft a uniquely hybridized compositional palette. Her most rewarding undertakings have been her partnerships with independent filmmakers, which have granted her the rare opportunity to simultaneously synthesize electronic and acoustic musical spheres. She has received credits as music arranger, orchestrator, and additional composer on major motion pictures such as Ridley Scott's "The Martian", HBO's "Confirmation", and Catherine Hardwicke's "Miss You Already". Stephanie holds a position as principal composing assistant to Harry Gregson-Williams at Wavecrest Music and was recently chosen as one of the six composing fellows for the 2015 Sundance Institute Composers Lab.

Additional Crew

courtney birk - assistant director. executive producer  

edmund curran - producer. assistant camera. sound editor

toriann lumsden - line producer

travis ruark - producer. crafty. special effects   

a. c. bryan -  assistant producer

holli baum - assistant producer. script supervisor  

niyi olayinka - assistant producer 

josiah david - gaffer  

gabby colarusso - script supervisor 

kyle kennedy - costume designer 

dave fine - graphics  

dan ross - graphics.effects 

CAST (21).jpg

chris zash as luke jacobson

Christopher Zash is a Los Angeles actor and voice artist known for his roles in several award winning independent films as well as the acclaimed series Walk of Shame: The Beat and Path. Born and raised in Baltimore MD, he earned his BFA in Acting from Towson University. He then set his sights on television and film, aiming his gaze towards the opposite coast. Chris married his longtime girlfriend Emma and, like the early settlers, they "went West"! As a self proclaimed beer connoisseur and sci-fi geek, Zash wields a fiery passion for storytelling rivaled only by his desire to become a Jedi Knight... (26).jpg

courtney birk as nikki simmons

Courtney Birk has been acting since before she can remember. Having grown up with a love for the camera, she never thought it would be a reality. It wasn't until she met Ashleigh Coffelt, creator of Miss Ash Productions, that film started to take off. Not only does she act, but she has learned to work the production side as well. With three awards for acting under her belt, Courtney hopes to find herself at the Oscars with Ashleigh in the next few years. (25).jpg

kyle kasabian as shane george

Kyle Kasabian is a Los Angeles based actor and comedian. He was born and raised in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts - the nation's capital of underage drinking and garbage can fires. He can be seen performing improv and sketch comedy at iO West and The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater in LA. This is his first feature film and he is very excited to try on his big boy actor pants. (31).jpg

mackenzie breeden as hannah gonzales (30).jpg

alec bandzes as finn jacobson (29).jpg

rashieda awan as detective arnold

Rashieda Awan, born and raised in Philadelphia, has studied theatre and film. She performed on stage, student films, feature films, and won a scholarship to the New York Film Academy. Passion for following her dreams has propelled her ambitions of becoming a successful working actress. She is a graduate of Howard University and currently is working on a television sitcom. Look out for this positive, ambitions, lovely lady on the screen! (28).jpg

ryan mullaney as detective spencer (27).jpg

justin schilling as aaron

joe cardamone as tom

Joe Cardamone is an actor known for By the Wake (2016), Ice Cold Killers (2016), and Unconventional Love (2014). After serving in the United States Army and Air Force he left the military and had an epiphany while on set for his first film. He knew that he want to act and that acting was the piece of his life that he was missing and wanted nothing more than to pursue it wholeheartedly.

Since then he has devoted his time to learning and growing as much as he can as an actor. Part of that growing has been writing and filming shorts (and soon to be series) with the production company he co-founded, Twelvesteed Productions.