When I was Four Years Old,


my dad started taking me out to various places to show me the world. My fondest memories include animated movies at a movie theater that doesn't even exist now. All through my life, he would take every opportunity he could to teach me life lessons and let me know everyone should treat me with the uptmost respect. Most importantly, he encouraged me to never settle for anything less then my best. I'll never forget when he started calling me, "Miss Ash." It's a memory that's stuck with me my entire life. Eventually, as my siblings were born, and life got in the way, my dad and I stopped going out on our father/daughter bonding trips. And somewhere along the way, I stopped being so little, and grew into a young woman. The biggest change in the midst of those years was he stopped calling me, "Miss Ash." Although we stopped spending as much time with each other, something so small and seemingly insignificant - a nickname - continued to mean so much to me. A simple nickname reminded me of how my father taught me to see the world differently,  


My goal is to provide stories and insights into life in a way not normally told or shown. Life usually doesn't have a happy ending, or something thats clearly resolved in 90 minutes. As a filmmaker, I view myself as a storyteller. My job is to make you think, make you cry, make you laugh, and make you want to change something. Whether thats your attitude, your feelings, or your perspective on something, thats up to you. Every story I tell and script I write has some degree of personal experience ( and a WHOLE lotta heart) - some more than others. I leave these stories in your hands to pass along, to become your favorite or to simply be forgotten. 


Ashleigh Coffelt





Miss Ash Productions




Miss Ash Productions


Find Your Passion, Never Let Go. 

C. Ashleigh Coffelt, 2015